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Applications for NEXTSTEP

Directory Description
ArchiveUtils Compression and uncompression utilities
Astro Astronomy and Astrology.
Communications Communications utilities
Database Database related applications.
Educational Educational applications
Emulators Make your NeXT act like something else
Financial Money, money and $$$$$
Games Unix and NEXTSTEP games
Graphics Graphics viewers, utilities etc...
Internet Internet Related utilities
Lighthouse Apps A variety of apps made available by Lighthouse Design
Mail The electronic mailbox...
Misc Anything goes...
Preferences Managing Preferences.
Clocks Clocks and various calendar utilities
DevTools Developer Tools
Emacs Emacs and related utilities.
Monitors Keep an eye on everything from files to logins to CPU.
Science Scientific Applications and Tools
ScreenSavers Applications and BackSpace modules
SoundApps Audio applications
TeX TeX and related utilities
Unix Programs, loginshells, scripts and more
Utilities All sorts of utilities

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